A Premier Network of Professionals in Property & Construction, Paving the Path for Excellence Through Valued Relationships, Lifestyle Sophistication, and High-quality Cigars.

If you aspire to thrive in the world of property and construction and share the passion for high-quality cigars, come, join The Property Cigar Club. This is your chance to establish impactful relations, command growth in your business and redefine the standards in this industry.  


Impersonal networking events?
Extending your network beyond local boundaries?
Introductions in your sector?
Building bridges between industry specialities?


Navigating through the property and construction industry while trying to build meaningful connections can be challenging. But you are not alone. The Property Cigar Club is here to provide you with a unique networking experience, valuable insights from industry leaders, and the camaraderie of fellow professionals. We've managed to build a family of extraordinary individuals who are here to support and learn from each other. 

Who is The Property Cigar Club?

The Property Cigar Club is a community, a movement, and an exceptional experience. Founded and led by Emre Gurler, we provide a platform for entrepreneurs in the property and construction industry to come together, share their insights, and make meaningful connections, all while engaging in a shared passion for quality cigars. It's not just about personal gain. It's about leveraging our collective experience and network for the betterment of our industry. 

Benefits of Membership Include...

  • 12-Month Membership: Full year access to our community and its benefits.

  • Monthly Networking Events: Socialise and connect, offering complimentary canapés.

  • Exclusive Online Community: Engage with peers in a 24/7 digital networking environment.

  • Monthly Webinars: Gain industry insights from seasoned leaders on various property and construction topics.

  • Member Spotlight Opportunity: Enhance your visibility in the industry through regular features across club platforms.

  • Online Learning Platform Access: Unlock a library of curated educational content designed to elevate your professional expertise and business acumen.

Plus much more...

Likeminded People

Network of overachievers dedicated to being the very best in their field. We absolutely believe in the power of the individual, but we don’t believe you can do everything alone. 

Cigars & Lifestyle

Enjoy the luxurious lifestyle while expanding your property empire under the guidance of industry leaders.   

Maximise Your Impact

Maximise your impact for good & leave a legacy. We’re not just about cash ... We’re about cause. If you’re not committed to something greater than your bank account, you’re not for us.


Emre Gurler

Emre Gurler is the founder and chairman of Gurler Mae, a premier growth partnership business within the construction and home improvement sectors. A successful entrepreneur, Emre is celebrated for his energetic teaching style, remarkable track record. He is a highly desired business consultant and an engaging public speaker. Recognised as a leading industry expert in strategic business consulting. Emre is a true innovator in his field.

His unique insight and exceptional leadership have earned him features in distinguished publications such as Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes Magazine. From 2015-2019.
Emre continues to share his striking wisdom and insights on LinkedIn, where he address trending topics and controversial issues with a blend of sharp intellect, spirited debate, and a touch of humour.

Here's our guarantee to you...

If you believe that simply joining The Property Cigar Club will effortlessly solve all your problems and turn you into an overnight multi-millionaire, then you are mistaken. This community is not designed to cater to individuals seeking a "quick fix" or "secret sauce." If that's what you're after, we kindly suggest you look elsewhere.

At The Property Cigar Club, we guarantee success to those who are willing to invest time in connecting, networking with fellow members, actively participating in live events. By helping others, you'll elevate both your business and personal life to heights you never imagined possible.

While we won't be holding your hand throughout the process, rest assured that if you're committed to investing your time and effort into The Property Cigar Club, the returns will be immensely rewarding. Your dedication, combined with our supportive network and resources, will pave the way for unparalleled growth and success.

Your Membership in 
The Property Cigar Club includes:

>> 12 Month Membership.

>>  Monthly Cigar Delivery (Number of Cigars will depend on membership level)

>> Monthly member networking events where you will enjoy complimentary canapes at the events so you can focus on building those relationships.

>> ​You'll get 24/7 access to our private online community, where you can interact & leverage the power of having an elite group of property & construction leaders at your fingertips.

>> Online Learning Platform Access: Unlock a library of curated educational content designed to elevate your professional expertise and business acumen.

 >> Throughout the year, we will host various events & workshops that dive deep into specific topics, like marketing, company culture, leadership, plus much more. As a member of The Property Cigar Club, you will have the opportunity to apply to attend these at a reduced cost.


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